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Wondering how Reiki can heal you? 

Our bodies and minds are much more evolved than you think. They have the natural powers to heal. Reiki is a universally guided intelligent energy that combines with the natural life force energy within you to create a relaxing healing experience. It contacts the healer within you, expedites the healing process, and leaves you feeling calm and rested. 

Reiki has the power to heal you at a holistic level which means that the energies can address physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even karmic levels. From addressing physical ailments like cancer to autism, cold, fever, or headaches to healing relationships, career, and karmic debris, Reiki has the power to address any of your ongoing situations and heal them. Even if you do not want to address a specific situation, taking a Reiki session can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic. 

After a Reiki Healing session, you will experience:

  • Your body is cleansed of toxins and unwanted energies 
  • Accelerated healing that leaves you relaxed and calm 
  • Balanced flow of energies that releases all blockages and creates a free flow of subtle energies 
  • Grounded and more present 
  • Protected and nurtured 
  • Healed, relaxed, and rejuvenated

Request a Reiki Healer in Gurgaon for yourself or someone you know. You are only doing good by this act. 

½ hour Reiki session @ Rs 3000 

Book a full Reiki session @ Rs 6000



30 Minutes, 60 Minutes


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