Usui Reiki IIIB/ Grandmaster teacher

With the attunement and experience at this level, you will be able to teach Usui/Tibetan Reiki and perform attunements on others. You will learn to become the Sensei (teacher) yourself. Hence you will undergo a process of self-cleansing through advanced breath techniques during the course. You will also learn 3 Master symbols that will enable you to open up channels of people to attune them with Usui/Tibetan Reiki energy.

USUI Reiki Online Course inclusions of Reiki Grandmaster level:

  • Introduction to powerful Usui Master / Tibetan symbols
  • Karuna Reiki 
  • Learn powerful breath techniques – Dragon breath, Sui Chin, Hui Yin 
  • Get a deeper understanding of your inner wisdom by connecting with your higher self 
  • Perform shadow work on yourself to release toxic energies • Perform student attunements level-wise and get the certificate that allows you to certify others 
  • Learn to channel special symbols and perform special attunements 
  • Advance Group healing 
  • Develop your own Reiki practice techniques

Course inclusions:

  • Lifetime attunement as a Reiki Grandmaster/ Master teacher 
  • Live online/ in-person classes with detailed explanations of all concepts 
  • Certificate of completion post-completion of quiz 
  • Course manuals covering all details for later study 
  • Live meditations and breathwork exercises during the class 
  • Access to guided meditation tracks recorded by Soma 
  • Lifetime access to live online class recordings (for online classes only) 
  • Access to private Whatsapp Groups/Social-media for continued support

Additional bonuses:

  • Access to guided meditations for your regular practice 
  • One advanced energy therapy session OR 30 min Tarot reading session with Soma

Grandmaster level course duration: 12-15 Hours spread over 5 days (2.5 to 3 Hours per day)




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