Meditation Practitioner Course

If you are an overthinker, constantly stressed, most of the time struggling to maintain a work-life balance, or confused to take decisions, you will be amazed at how the inclusion of a simple practice of meditation in your everyday life can improve your life so drastically. Everything that you desire in your life is already residing within you. Meditation is an amazing process to help you take the journey within to still your mind and uncover your inner awareness and wisdom. 

Course Overview 

  • Learn the fundamentals of meditation & mindfulness 
  • Understand the proven benefits of meditation and how to apply them to yourself and others 
  • Learn the different types of meditation and the steps to meditate 
  • Learn to calm the mind and enter into a state of deep meditation and relaxation 
  • Several powerful mindfulness breathing techniques for meditation to cleanse and harmonize mind and body 
  • Lead yourself into a daily meditation practice with habit-building techniques 
  • Various guided meditations

Some of the additional benefits of this course include fast stress relief, reduced anxiety, enhanced sleep, improved health, and better clarity and understanding – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! As you meditate more and more, you’ll become more relaxed and centered in your everyday life, become more spiritually aware and even be able to use what you learn to attract abundance into your life!

Course inclusions

  • A completion certificate post-quiz completion 
  • Class recordings in case of online classes 
  • Inclusion into a private group for group meditations 
  • Detailed manual for support after class 

Course duration: 10 hours of live classes (5 days, 2 hours each)



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