Money Reiki I Practitioner

Money Reiki is a style of Reiki that works with the spiritual energy of money. It was developed by Stephanie Brail in a meditative process through her awareness and connect with the spirit guides.

The energy of money is different from the energy of abundance or prosperity. Money Reiki specifically addresses money and the energy of money. It helps you to manage your money more effectively, shift your existing energy and blockages around money and work with money more effectively for your highest good.

Our beliefs and thoughts around money shape our current reality about it. If you are struggling with money, chances are that somehow at an unconscious level, the free flow of money has been hindered by your negative thought patterns and energies around money.

Money Reiki primarily focuses on cleansing your negative beliefs and thought patterns about money so that you create a natural free flow of money for your good. It is not a get-rich overnight scheme. You will not be told that your money problems will be solved instantly with the help of positive thinking or affirmation. It rather encourages you to consistently and persistently apply energy healing as well as take inspired actions regarding money in your life so that you can gradually overcome your money blockages and financial issues.

Money Reiki is a simple energy modality that available to all of us that can be learnt and applied to cleanse and heal the deep-rooted beliefs around money.

Benefits of Money Reiki

Consistent practice of Money Reiki
• Heals your financial situation at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
• Cleanses and eliminates your limiting beliefs about money and replaces them with powerful thoughts
• Heals your money reality with access to 7 powerful Money Reiki symbols
• Brings in a transformation in your thinking by converting your lack mindset to have mindset

Money Reiki has three levels with 7 symbols in total, that will help you to deal with different situations that teach you many ways you can uplift the vibration of money in your life.

Money Reiki Level I level initiates you into the healing energies of Money Reiki. You start to work with your beliefs about money, understand how the energy of money affects the planet, and learn techniques on how to cleanse and heal your money reality. You can also perform Money Reiki treatments on yourself and others.

Money Reiki Level I course overview:

  • The Money Reiki Theory 

              o Introduction to Money Reiki and how is it different

              o Positive Thinking Vs positive Feeling 

              o How Money Reiki Affects the planet and Lightworkers 

  • The Money Reiki practice 

              o Symbol /Dollar Symbol and its uses 

              o Money Reiki treatments for self and others 

              o Making a money magnet and Money Reiki box 

              o World money meditation

  • Money Reiki as a way of life o Evolving your personal money energy o Energetic tithing o Giving things away/handling outflow

Money Reiki I (Practitioner) course duration: 1 day, 3 Hours





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