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Meditation helps to take charge of your mind and lets it evolve. For over 5000 years the greatest minds in history have understood the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation. Mindfulness and meditation enable you to connect with your inner self where energy, creativity, and inner wellness are your natural state of being. Get into the habit of integrating this powerful practice into your daily routine.

With regular practice of mindfulness and meditation, you will see the following benefits: 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Improved sleep 
  • You will be able to restore the natural balance of the mind-body-soul 
  • Eliminate the effects of stress from your life for good 
  • Clear and calm your mind 
  • Experience freedom from emotional turmoil, anxiety, and depression 
  • Self-mastery 
  • Increased happiness and joy in life

What to expect in an IWL meditation session:

  • understanding of mindfulness and meditation 
  • Breath techniques under supervision 
  • Practice various guided meditations under complete supervision 
  • Goal-based customized meditations with a complete focus on personal development 
  • Therapeutic meditations as per case 

IWL encourages live meditation sessions (which can be taken online as well as offline) All meditation sessions are conducted on prior personal appointment and are completely personalized. 

IWL meditations are completely individualized and focus on the specific areas that you need to work on. Join me on a journey to smile more! 

Session duration: 30 mins – 1 hour



30 Minutes, 60 Minutes


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