Angels And You

Angels and You

Have you ever desired someone in your life with whom you can share or confess everything good or bad and in return not be judged by them? Someone who you could turn to for any guidance and you know that you will always receive a direction? Like in the physical realm, we have friends and well-wishers who are always there for us, in an energetic realm as well, we are always surrounded by divine supernatural beings who are always watching over us. These loving beings are called angels. 

Whether you believe it or not, you are always surrounded by angels. They are always watching over you, guiding you, and protecting you from all that harms you. 

Angels are divine creations of God, often known as messengers of God. They are non-physical beings who do not have any subjective ego. Your subjective ego belongs to your earthly needs of food, sex, water, rest, and fear. Angels, however, do have emotional needs – the need to do good to others, heal and protect them. That’s the reason when you call for their help, they are always willing to do so. They focus only on the Godliness within you and your potential, not on your ‘faults’. So, angels aren’t judgmental, and they only bring love into our lives.

In more ways than one, angels try to communicate with people and guide them through angelic signs. However, you may not know what those signs are or what they mean. Here are five common signs of angelic presence and guidance around you. 

Finding Feathers:- Finding feathers in the most uncommon or expected places is one of the most common signs of angelic presence. When you see a feather, you must most certainly know that you are being guided to an awareness by the angels. They could also comfort you or encourage you that you are on the right track by showing you feathers. Some also say that feathers are signs of their unconditional love. 

Messages on TV/radio/Social Media:- Sometimes when you are on the move and you notice a specific message, word or picture on a billboard or the lyrics of a song keep playing in your mind, a post on social media catches your attention. All of these are not mere coincidences but communication from the angels. Focus on the message as it may be important for you. 

Butterflies and Dragonflies:- If butterflies or dragonflies suddenly catch your eye or you see them in large groups, this may indicate that angels are actively looking out for your interests and expressing their love towards you. 

Buzzing Noise in One or Both Ears:- If there is no medical reason the persistent buzzing noise in ears means that Angels are downloading a piece of information into your mind. This happens to me very frequently, mostly when I am in the middle of work. Turns out that an idea lights up in my head that helps me increase my productivity.

Angel Numbers:- This is one of the most common signs that angels use to communicate with me. Do you notice numbers in sequence repeating again and again in front of you? If this is the case then this is another big sign from the angels. Most of the time when I am driving, I notice numbers on the car number plates like 1111 or 7777. When I look at the clock I see 11:11 or 10:10. Numbers carry a specific frequency and angels try to communicate to you certain messages through the specific number sequences. You can choose to add all the numbers until then form a single digit or read them the way it is. It is best to trust your inner voice and ask your inner guidance on what they mean to you. However, here are some common assumptions of what the numbers mean when you see them. 

0Message of love from the creator. Represents: – void, infinite possibilities, eternity, cycle, circle of life. 
1You will attract what you are thinking. Hence, think about your desires and not your fears. Represents: – independence, beginnings, individuality, pioneering, will. 
2Keep faith, don’t give up hope. Represents: – Balance partnership, polarity, diplomacy, contrast
3Ascended masters and other masters are working with you and helping you. Represents: – Creativity, joy, communication, self-expression, groups, fun. 
4Angels are helping with this situation.Represents: – Pragmatism, foundations, material reality, problem solving. 
5Positive changes are coming up for you. Represents: – Adventure, change, risk, freedom, innovation, challenge, conflict.
6Release any fears about the physical and material world to God and Angels. Balance between the material and spiritual worlds. Represents: – Harmony, community, love, healing, domesticity, service. 
7You are on the right path. Keep going.Represents: – Spirituality, intellect, personal growth, solitude, metaphysics. 
8Abundance is coming to you now. Represents: – Authority, manifestations, abundance, goals, business leadership. 
9Get to work on your life purpose without delay. Represents: – Wisdom, closure, completion, service to humanity. 
11Tune into your intuition to make the right choice.
13You are in a place of spiritual growth.
22Be patient; success is coming.

The more these numbers repeat, the stronger the underlying message. So, for example, 777 would indicate that you’re especially lucky and 9999 would tell you that today is the perfect time to take some action you’ve been waiting to take.

When you are on the path of your spiritual growth, there are so many more ways to begin to acknowledge the presence of these beautiful divine angelic beings. If you need more information, head to my website for my Angel Healing Course details.

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